Monday, December 21, 2015

Nature Question of the day

Here's the question of the day: do you have a tree in your yard or nearby? If so, what type is it? 
Naturelove21's answer: the tree in my front yard is called a maple tree! It has shed all its leaves by now but in the spring and summer it's gorgeous! <3


  1. We have PLENTY of trees in out yard, if you know what i mean, Naturelove21...

    But right now, i am typing this, someone is getting rid of a lot of woods right next to the property line...ugh, they have been doing that since Friday.

  2. Yeah it was terrible! There were several different machines and trucks in there over the course of three or four days. The machines included and excavator and the hugest tractor I've ever seen (one of the wheels was probably five and a half feet tall, almost as tall if not as tall as me. The tractor usually hauled 6-12 trees away at a time - big, thick trees. The work is apparently to prevent the trees' roots from growing into a water main that's in the woods, but it seemed like there was more to it than that. I look out the windows along the back of the house and see a clearing in the woods, at least an acre, that's covered in sawdust and woodchips and all sorts of other debris from the cut trees. But there hasn't been anyone back there for over a week so maybe it's all over now. And yes, if anyone's wondering, I am Piano Lover's brother.