Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beautiful nature photography!

This is some gorgeous photography of nature! (The pics are not mine). Enjoy! 

This is a white swan. Beautiful! 

These are some fish near a reef. This picture is really creative and colorful! 


  1. Hey I really like your nature blog!I was at a blog called Everything imaginable and they were advertising blogs and this was one of them. So I thought that I would check it out. Have any blogs that you think I should check out?

  2. everything522, the other day I posted on my blog (Everything Imaginable!) a list of my friends' blogs. I think it's nine blogs including one that isn't on this website.

  3. Naturelove21, last night I made your thousandth pageview. Congratulations on getting more readers!

  4. Now its 1,025, Congrats, Naturelove21

  5. By the way, i Love reading this blog!!!!
    --Piano Lover