Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall treats!

Hi everyone! One of my friends reminded me that fall isn't just beautiful nature, but it can also mean sweet, yummy treats too! Check these good ideas for autumn goodies.

This looks like some sort of yummy pie made with.. Pears! Yum yum! 

Rice crispy pumpkins are wonderful to make for a harvest party, or just if you're feeling bored! 

These look delicious! Again, I'm trying to stick with the fall theme so if you have any ideas please comment! Note: Pictures and treats are not mine. 


  1. They all look so delicious! Any recipes for them? If I can find recipes I think I'll try these seasonal goodies!

  2. I love the pie, it looks tasty!

  3. Ohh it all looks sooo good! I might be posting some fall treats on my blog too! Thanks for posting this! <3